Treasure Finds

Anglo-Saxon sword pommel cap, Scalford, AD 500-700. Pin on Pinterest

Anglo-Saxon silver-gilt mount with fabulous beasts, Dalby, AD 700-800. Pin on Pinterest

Welby Late Bronze Age Hoard. Pin on Pinterest

Copper Age gold Beaker basket ornaments, Gilmorton, 2,500-2,000 BC. Pin on Pinterest

Silver Roman coins from the Twycross Hoard, AD 117-253. Pin on Pinterest

Silver Medieval buckle, Nevill Holt. A very fine, high status item. Pin on Pinterest

Silver Thor's hammer pendant, Thurcaston. Worn by devotees of the Norse god Thor, AD 850-925. Pin on Pinterest

The Rothley Hoard - Late Bronze Age copper alloy axe hoard comprising axe mould for a Welby type axe, two socketed axes and a Middle Bronze Age palstave axe. 1,000-800 BC. Pin on Pinterest

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