Behind the scenes

27 March 2024

The Hallaton Helmet by Rajesh Gogna

A 21st century reimagination

26 March 2024

The Hallaton Helmet by Francesco Galluccio

A recreation using traditional techniques

21 March 2024

Recreating the Helmet

Revealing the helmet's original magnificence

21 March 2024

Investigating and Illustrating the Hallaton Helmet

Deciphering 2000-year-old designs

14 March 2024

Re-displaying the Hallaton Roman Helmet

One of the finest Roman cavalry helmets ever discovered

25 October 2023

Charnwood Axe Analysis

Scientific investigations of Neolithic polished stone axes

4 January 2023

Filming and Research Visit

With historic clothing YouTubers Abby and Nicole

20 December 2022

Putting the House to Bed

Winter deep clean at our historic house

29 September 2022

Coins galore!

The secrets behind our Hallaton coin displays

22 July 2022

Neolithic Finds from Rothley

Displaying a unique collection

5 May 2022

Inspiring Collections

Using the collections for research and inspiration

4 May 2022

Collections Care and Management

How we look after the objects in our care

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