20 December 2022

Putting the House to Bed

After a busy season at the 1620s House and Garden at Donington le Heath the Museum Collections and Conservation Team spent two days putting the house to bed for the winter.

All textiles such as bed drapes and bedding, wall hangings, cushions and replica clothing were carefully wrapped and removed to enable them to be frozen off-site to kill any hidden moths, larvae or carpet beetles. Pin on Pinterest

King Dick's Bed stripped of its many layers. Pin on Pinterest

Rush matting was vacuumed thoroughly on both sides. Pin on Pinterest

The carpets and table coverings were also hoovered throroughly. Pin on Pinterest

Applying beeswax to protect the furniture. Pin on Pinterest

All packed up and ready to go! Pin on Pinterest

The site is a historic house containing real and replica furnishings which require checking for pests on a regular basis and a deep clean at the end of the season to deter any infestations.

The team vacuumed beams, carpets and wooden floors to remove dust and dirt. 

Wooden furniture was polished with beeswax to clean, feed and nourish the wood and give it a traditional and natural waterproof coating.

The 1620s House and Garden will reopen for next season on 30 March 2023.

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