Medieval Coal Mining

The Coleorton Tunic is one of the oldest pieces of work clothing discovered in Britain and is especially significant. This woollen tabby-woven garment dates to around the 1550s and has evidence of yellow and blue dyes. Its sleeves and inset panels were possibly made of linen which has not survived. Pin on Pinterest

Replica Coleorton Tunic. Pin on Pinterest

The remains of around 25 leather boots and shoes were found in the mine workings. Some are child sized, indicating the presence of child miners. One child’s boot was cut down from larger boot, showing how working people re-purposed items. Pin on Pinterest

The Coleorton Coat is one of a very small number of long waistcoats of 17th century type found in Western Europe. It was found in 17th century longwall workings at the mine. Pin on Pinterest

Tudor one-piece wooden shovel, carved from a single piece of oak and probably originally tipped with a strip of iron across the end of the blade. Pin on Pinterest

An originally three-legged oak stool, one of many found at the Lounge mine and assumed to have been leant on by miners working in galleries of an awkward height. Pin on Pinterest

Tudor single-ended iron pick with wooden handle. Pin on Pinterest

Tudor pit timber, one of many recovered from the old mine workings. Pin on Pinterest

At least six of these intriguing wooden hooks were discovered in the old workings and may have been used to pull a corf (basket or wagon) of coal out of awkward locations or away from the shaft bottom. Pin on Pinterest

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