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Ladybird Books: From the 1950s, under the guidance of editorial director Douglas Keen, Ladybird started to develop series of books including ‘Nature’, ‘Adventures from History’, ‘Travel’, ‘People at Work’, ‘How it Works’ and ‘Well-Loved Tales’, all in the same familiar portrait hardback format. The books’ pocket money price meant that little librarians could build up their own collections.

Series like ‘People at Work’, introduced in 1962 and ‘How it Works’, introduced in 1965, provide beautifully illustrated snapshots of their time.

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Ladybird Books: Ladybird Books launched their Well-Loved Tales series in 1964, retelling fairy tales in the Ladybird house style, the stories by Vera Southgate and illustrations by Eric Winter. Leicestershire's collections include the original illustrations by Eric Winter from 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' first published in 1971.

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Ladybird Books: The Sunstart series was developed in the 1970s to adapt the Keywords Reading Scheme for the Caribbean market. Peter and Jane became Ken and Joy. Illustrator Martin Aitchison visited several countries to undertake photographic research for his work on this series.

Ladybird books were translated into many different languages for sale around the world, but the Sunstart series was the only one produced for a specific market.

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High Days and Holidays: Bought from Woolworth for 6p, these colourful candles would have made any cake fit for a birthday celebration! Pin on Pinterest

High Days and Holidays: Postcards and badge from Skegness

Skegness has been a favourite holiday destination for families from Leicestershire for many years. It's famous bracing sea breezes and wide beach were a huge attraction to land-locked county residents.
In 1965, the Leicestershire Workers’ July Fortnight was introduced. Factory holidays were changed from the first two weeks of August to the first two weeks of July. This meant that factories such as The Brush in Loughborough would effectively close down for the fortnight, with many workers boarding East Coast ‘specials’ holiday trains to popular destinations such as Skegness. Pin on Pinterest

High Days and Holidays: Wedding cake decorations and confetti, 1950s

These decorations were of the type that might have decorated a wedding cake in the 1950s.The shiny silver plastic ladies shoes hold wax flowers and cream fabric leaves and a gold plastic ring has a ceramic white dove perched on it. Pin on Pinterest

High Days and Holidays: Paper Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration concertina style paper chain in bright colours, made by Harley-Quin. Decorations like these would be brought out every year to trim the house for the festive season. Pin on Pinterest

Keeping Up Appearances : Styling on the Go

The first hairdryer was invented in 1890 but the first handheld models did not become available until the 1920s. Metal ones like this were heavy and carried a risk of electrocution. Pin on Pinterest

Keeping Up Appearances : Sun-Tan Talc by Boots

People have chosen to change the colour of their complexions for many reasons. In the 1920s, suntans became a desirable fashion trend and the fake tanning industry has boomed since then. This sun-tan talcum powder was possibly used for theatrical productions. Pin on Pinterest

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