Prehistoric Stone & Flint Tools

A broad collection of tools dating from the Palaeolithic to Early Bronze Age, discovered as chance finds and via archaeological excavation.

Neolithic polished stone axe, Stathern. Pin on Pinterest

Neolithic flint axe, Coalville. Pin on Pinterest

Middle Mesolithic flint microliths, Asfordby. Pin on Pinterest

Palaeolithic flint long blades, Launde. Pin on Pinterest

Palaeolithic stone tools from the Waite Collection. Pin on Pinterest

Late Neolithic/Early Bronze age barbed and tanged flint arrowhead, Bardon Hill. Pin on Pinterest

Encompassing The Waite Collection of Palaeolithic lithic surface finds from the county, retrieved in fieldwalking by the late Mr Ron Waite over many decades. These finds have been important in emphasising the surprising density of the Palaeolithic occupation of this region.

We also hold flint artefacts from the important late Upper Palaeolithic open-air camp at Launde and Middle Mesolithic finds from Asfordby.

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