Labour Saving and Entertaining

Keeping a home and its inhabitants clean, tidy and fed has always taken a huge amount of time and energy. The introduction of electricity into homes in the early 20th century saw many new gadgets being invented to lighten the load of laundry, cleaning and cooking for those who could afford them.

Perdio Portable Transistor Radio, late 1950s

Until the invention of the electronic transistor, radios had been large static devices that the whole family would sit around. In the late 1950s, small, portable transistor radios like this were all the rage for the newly identified teenager. With a socket for an earphone and a leather carry case, this small Perdio model (the brand name comes from Personal Radio) was perfect for listening in your bedroom or to take out and about. Pin on Pinterest

Premier Chrome Toaster, 1930's

An early electric toaster. It did not have the pop-up function that we are used today, instead you had to open the front flap and turn the bread to toast the other side. Although this may not have made making breakfast any easier, its relatively small and portable size made it a useful addition to some kitchens. Pin on Pinterest

Binatone Colour TV game MK 10, 1977

This pong-style games console was one of the most popular of those that started to appear in the 1970s. Simply plugging it into your TV set opened up a world of video sports like tennis, football and squash!
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Hoover Dustette, Model 100 in its original cardboard box, 1940s.

The Hoover Dustette was launched in the UK in 1930 to complement the larger machines designed for cleaning carpets and floors. Designed and marketed as a handheld 'duster' for cleaning upholstery. It was expensive at £4.19.6d - the equivalent of £216 in modern currency - as were the larger models, so vacuum cleaners remained a luxury item until after the Second World War. The box has a white paper label printed in red 'War Time Packaging, handle with care'.

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Goblin Teasmade, 1970s

What could be better than waking up to a nice cup of tea? Automatic tea makers had been invented early in the 20th century, but the 1960s and 70s were the heyday of the Teasmade, like this model made by Goblin. Pin on Pinterest

Norvic electric blanket, 1950s.

Keeping warm in the home, especially before central heating was common, was always a challenge. With fuel prices spiralling out of control, heated blankets and throws are becoming a necessity for many again. Pin on Pinterest

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