2 May 2022

Archive Fever

Archive Fever is a collaborative project with Modern Painters, New Decorators, a not-for-profit artist-led organisation in Loughborough. Our collections are popular with artists as a source of inspiration for their work. This project has opened up our collections to emerging visual artists and will support an exhibition at Modern Painters, New Decorators Gallery in Loughborough.

Jagjit was intrigued by the taxidermy specimens bagged up ready to be frozen. We freeze some items in the collection to kill any insect pests. Pin on Pinterest

Jagjit Kaur with one of her works at the Modern Painters New Decorators gallery in Loughborough. Pin on Pinterest

Some of our butterflies from the Natural Life collection in Jagjit's show. Pin on Pinterest

Joanne's ceramic works reference the wooden plant models she studied. Pin on Pinterest

Joanne Masding studied some of the wax plant models we have in the collection. This piece responds to the way they are made. Pin on Pinterest

Joanne Masding's work based around pond weed specimens from our collection. Pin on Pinterest

The shop front of the Modern Painters New Decorators gallery and shop space in Carillon Court Shopping Centre in Loughborough.
Modern Painters New Decorators gallery space in Carillon Court Shopping Centre, Loughborough.

Archive Fever will result in four exhibitions of newly created contemporary visual art by emerging artists, accompanied by a programme of creative workshops with local young people.

The four artists have visited the Leicestershire museum collections to explore and respond to objects that interest them and which will inform their work. Some of these objects may then be incorporated into their exhibitions.

The four exhibitions took place at Modern Painters, New Decorators in Loughborough during a 10 month period from January to November 2022.

An artist pointing to a laptop screen which is showing a clay model to a group of children with modelling clay at a workshop inspired by Jagjit Kaur's work.
A clay modelling workshop for children was part of the project and their creations were showcased in the gallery.

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