9 May 2022

Conserving the Whitwick Hearse

Sometimes we need extra help to look after objects that need specialist attention. This week we have had private textile conservators Alison Lister and Michelle Harper onsite to work on a horse-drawn hearse.

The horse-drawn hearse, is black painted wood with glass windows. Two coachbuilt bodies on one chassis, hearse in front, four mourners would sit behind. This hearse carried many of the dead to funerals following the Whitwick Colliery disaster of 1898. Pin on Pinterest

Alison and Michelle have been carrying out remedial work on loose sections of braiding to make them more stable and prevent further deterioration. Pin on Pinterest

They have also carefully cleaned the textiles within the hearse to remove build ups caused by fluctuations in environmental conditions. Pin on Pinterest

Alison and Michelle at work on the hearse before it was moved to a more suitable collections centre. Pin on Pinterest

The hearse being moved into its new home. Pin on Pinterest

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